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Wheel Designs – Top 5 Tire on Wheels Picks

An attractive car can become more exceptional with an assortment of flashy chrome wheels. Chrome wheels as compared to steel wheels are more costly but they offer added advantages over steel wheels. Therefore, if you have a pricier Lamborghini then I don’t think you’ll choose poor quality steel or cheap chrome wheel design for it: Here is the list of 5 popular designs that is notable globally:

  1. BMW E46 M3 CSL
  2. Lamborghini Murcielago
  3. Porsche Carrera GT
  4. McLaren-Mercedes SLR
  5. Ferrari Enzo


This is a 19 inch nebbish wheel made by BBS including many copied styling flutters on the CSL and is usually common on the carbon-roofed automobile. Usually emulated by inexpensive copies, genuine CSL wheels will have BBS on the back with a cut-out for the M sports badge under the haul nut slots and BMW marked on their front.

They can further be fluffier than any similar 19 inches chrome wheel, notwithstanding the backset is an inch broader and wider. BMWs incorporating the E92, M1 and M3 automobiles have enrobed related designs, shaping up for the frightening number of Non-M BMWs that consume poor-quality models of this enduring brand.

Lamborghini Murcielago

The earliest production of the Lamborghini Murcielago has used an obscure split-rim design similar like the telephone-dial styles which are normally seen on the Diablo and Countach. Murcielago has a staggered fitment of 13 inches at the back and 9 inches at the front.

It’s meticulous and climactic but yet presents a fair visual link as compared to earlier multiple-piece wheel designs. The initial Murcielago’s chromes were an appropriate supplement to Luc Donckerwolke’s chrome wheel design. They surely aren’t the wheel that can be washed instantaneously.

Porsche Carrera GT

This naive design which is specifically tailored for Porsche’s flagship supercar V10 of the mid-2000s is composed of advanced magnesium for unusual fluffiness. Repeatedly, the common feature i.e. center-locking design — gives a breezy view of the brakes via its traditional design of Fuchs’s five-spoke.

Its color-coded rolling stock with the blue-ringed centers adjusted to the right side and red-ringed centers to the left side of the car clearly shows that the tiny aspect can also make wheels fashionable.


McLaren-Mercedes SLR

Not so much about this chrome design as it’s already popular worldwide. The McLaren-Mercedes SLR adopted a 19-inch turbine design formed by Borbet. They’re providing an upscale option for the extravagant latest cars. SLRs along with Borbet achieved a command premium above different models.

Ferrari Enzo

In the Michael Schumacher era, the halo Ferrari had lots of designs and engineering elements working for it. Especially, the ten-spoke 19-inch wheels Enzo uses; they’re uncomplicated models and compatible with the Enzo’s stiff body appearance.

Chrome wheel’s design has become an important aspect to consider as far as enhancing the appearance of your car up to a greater extent is regarded. It’s essential if you do research for any famous design before buying it for your vehicle. Veritably, for better quality, a must healthy investment is a necessary prerequisite.